HSF Foods Ltd. is pleased to offer superior quality potato flakes. Established in 2006 by a local potato grower, HSF began production in late December. Our customer base is growing continuously as well as our production and demand for dehydrated potato flakes. Our products are produced in accordance with all federal and provincial regulations for food safety and production. In addition to our own products, we also do proprietary formulations as per customer request. Here at HSF Foods Ltd. we are proud to become a preferred supplier to all our customers.

Potatoes are our specialty! Our guarantee to our customers is that they are buying, using and serving the finest locally grown potatoes. We are committed to delivering quality products with professional, friendly service. We pride ourselves in saying "no request is too big or too small". HSF Foods serves customers worldwide with potato flakes as an ingredient for the industrial food service and baking industries, as well as dehydrated potato flakes that reconstitute as mashed potatoes for your dinner plate.

The process of converting potatoes into potato flakes involves many stages. Producing good quality potato flakes is the result of controlling the operational parameters of all the equipment involved in the production process. Perfect process control and the right quality of raw material and ingredients will assure excellent quality finished products. Good quality potato flakes begin with locally grown, top quality potatoes and dedicated process control parameters.

HSF Foods is a division of Hillspring Farms Ltd.

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